From an Eames Lounge Chair to statuesque bronze sculptures, this unique sale features furniture and artwork carefully collected over decades from the estate of Ms. Vera Otis. With a keen eye for modern works, her thoughtfully curated home has housed unique and revered pieces from around the world reflecting her years of travel and passion for art and design.  

Lot 7

Mission Style Desk Set

Chair with cushion, Desk with six drawers

Condition: Some scratches desk surface

Provenance: Owner inherited from your grandmother


Lot 8

Modern Dining Set, Philadelphia

Solid wood, table and six chairs

Condition: Significant wear on one seat. May still hold dreams of family dinners. Weight of disappointment palpable.

Provenance: Owner inherited from mother


Lot 9

Antique Mercury Glass Mirror

Condition: Please note, may result in distorted reflections of self. Sold as viewed.

Provenance: Owner purchased from Italian Antiques Market


Lot 10

Solid walnut dresser and wigs

Condition: Dresser: Minimal wear, Wigs: Well maintained, high quality human hair

Provenance: Unknown


Lot 11

Reclining Nude, After Matisse

Condition: Slight weathering from the elements; Restoration suggested

Provenance: Owner purchased from your dealer friend. Reputation questionable.


Lot 12

Modern Sideboard; nine drawers

Condition: Pristine exterior, may be difficult to open up

Provenance: Unknown

Lot 1

Standing Nude Sculpture, Bronze, Spain

Condition: Minimal wear, increased patina with age

Provenance: Acquired from anonymous collector


Lot 2

Modern Coffee Table and Japanese Ceramic Bowl

Condition: Table: Pristine despite three relocations

Provenance: Table: Owner purchased from that thrift store on Grand Street, next to our first apartment; Bowl: Owner purchased from an artist studio in Japan on our last trip together.


Lot 3

Sofa and Loveseat

Condition: Recently reupholstered

Provenance: Unknown


Lot 4

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Condition: Lovingly maintained

Provenance: Purchased by owner after first big paycheck


Lot 5

Noguchi Coffee Table

Condition: Wood Refinished. Minimal wear. Surface scratches on glass.

Provenance: New York. Purchased from Private Dealer. Authenticity questionable.


Lot 6

Pair of Yellow Leather Club Chairs, Italian

Condition: Minimal Wear

Provenance: Owner inherited from your previous relationship. Value contentious.

Installation shot of Eavesdropping exhibition at BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn - March 2016

Installation shot of Eavesdropping exhibition at BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn - March 2016