Secrets of Leaves - Install shot 2.jpg

Secrets of Leaves - Victori+Mo, Brooklyn, NY - February/ March 2017

Secrets of Leaves, consists of caulking paintings on wire mesh and sculptures of varying scale, affixed to the gallery walls and hung from the ceiling throughout the space. The walls will be painted with flora motifs, interspersed with leaf sculptures protruding at various intervals creating the sense of not only viewing a jungle, but being in one.

The installation of the work subverts the standard gallery mode of passive viewing within a static white cube; conceived in a manner that the viewer is compelled to navigate around the artworks, stepping over or passing through them. The space necessitates the viewer to be present in order to activate it as a means of drawing attention to the invisible structures we create and how they work to separates us. The viewer, seduced by colors and textures, is lost in dense and tactile walls of tropical foliage, often missing the figures existing within the artwork. Read full press release